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Romulus Campan Maramuresanu
[16.Feb.09 09:24]
Horia my friend,

I was going to tell you to post fewer poems day by day, when I arrived to this one.
Congratulations for such a sensitive, yet Gothic ars poetica existentialism.

You deserve it.

 =  for Romulus
Horia Mocanu
[16.Feb.09 17:15]
Romulus my friend, i usually post no more than 2 poems each day but in this case i couldn't resist it is. this poem comes after one year of not writing anything (self imposed) and it seems it did some good. hope you will enjoy the others as much.

 =  Good job
Lynn West
[18.Feb.09 04:59]
wow - I have never heard writer's block put it such a way... Your words moved me - nicely done.

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