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 =  Horia
Corina Gina Papouis
[22.Feb.09 23:25]
a nice poem about the wonderful moment of knowing. knowing you know you are falling for someone...:)
a little typo: dying instead of dieing.

 =  correct
Horia Mocanu
[22.Feb.09 23:39]
yap, correct. thanks for noticing.

 =  .
Marius Surleac
[23.Feb.09 13:44]
Horia, please pay attention to the rules of the site - do not post more than two texts per day. Thank you!

 =  cheers
Horia Mocanu
[23.Feb.09 23:01]
i was pretty sure i didn't post more than 2 but as it says here they are all psted on the 22nd. won't do it again. sorry.

 =  Feliz
Ada Ionescu
[03.Mar.09 00:32]
Another pervasive one.

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