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 =  Those loops...
John Willy Kopperud
[25.Feb.09 17:16] poetry are a nice thing, sometimes. Enjoyed this one.
Cheers from Willy

 =  neverending loops
Laura Cherecheº
[27.Feb.09 10:44]
Thanks for your comment, Willy, glad you enjoyed it.
Best wishes,Laura.

+ nice
felix nicolau
[05.Mar.09 20:31]
i liked too its parabolic simplicity and roundness

 =  to Felix
Laura Cherecheº
[14.Mar.09 17:15]
glad you liked it and thanks for the star:-)

+ dreaming reality
Simona Sumanaru
[27.Mar.09 12:13]
I would start this poem like this:

...and I woke up in a dreamless dream

and I'd end it like this:


cutting out:

'and I fell asleep once more
just to wake up again'

And I'd also say:

'while praying for sleep' (drop "some")

Amazing poem. It is worth memorizing and passing it on.
Somehow the world IS all about black and white. Your dreams are made of some good stuff, please keep dreaming.

 =  we are such stuff as dreams are made on, and our little life is rounded with a s
Laura Cherecheº
[29.Mar.09 19:29]
Simona, I will consider your suggestions, thanks for your appreciation; I have no choice, but keep on dreaming :-)

 =  I'll have to disagree
Simona Sumanaru
[30.Mar.09 11:25]
we have big lives, never little... even if we live for one day. we are THAT important. dream on! :-)

 =  Hack in
raj thampi
[30.Mar.09 13:51]
How we call it in our language? (IT) hacking into other’s thoughts? hacking into their dreams? :) A wonderful feeling, it is what genuinely your work has produced while I was reading it. I can relate the nuance of your poem with many of my broken sleeps, especially after nightmares startle them. Extremely wonderful write. Keep it up

 =  Dear Laura, here's a bit more...
Simona Sumanaru
[02.Apr.09 00:37]
I felt I had to say this, as there is no need in contradicting someone if you don't explain yourself. Please don't take this personally; I don't mean to upset you.

You have the power to give life; you carry eggs inside of you.
You have the power to take life; you can kill the baby in your womb.
You have the power to save life; you can donate one of your organs.
You have the power to heal someone's heart by loving them.
You have the power to make someone laugh.
You have the power to make someone cry.
You have the power to teach a child how to read.
You have the power to feed and clothe a homeless man.
You have the power to give a flower to an old lady in the street or help her do the shopping.
You have the power to bring peace between two people.
You have the power to tell your parents 'thank you'.
You have the power to wipe out someone's tears with a kiss and a hug.
You have the power to cut a tree (well, if your arms are strong enough). :-)
You have the power to plant a tree.
You have the power to write a poem that can change my life.
You have so many powers I could go on and on.
It saddened me to see that with that many powers at hand, you may ever think our lives are little.

Anyway, loved your poem. Made me realize once more that these "zebra-like" people that we've become need love to guide them to their place. No one likes to be in the "grey area". Not knowing where you belong or what your purpose is? Real tough.

You have a good night. :-)

 =  broken sleep
Laura Cherecheº
[04.Apr.09 21:39]
to Raj Thampi
I'm glad you enjoyed reading my poem, thanks for your comment.
Cheers, Laura

 =  dear Simona, you're right
Laura Cherecheº
[04.Apr.09 21:38]
we do have the power to do all the things you've mentioned and, thus, we are by no means "little";when I said "little"
I ment just like drops of water in an ocean, only apparently unimportant, because "drops of water" is just what the ocean is after all...
Thanks for having stopped by and shared your ideas.
All the best,

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