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 =  roundness( trap for vicious circle)
Veronica Valeanu
[07.Mar.09 00:49]
the roundness of this poem!
the desert with eroded particles of skeletons is an exterior, lifeless image, while the particles of magnets flying away is the reversed, but this time interior, throbbing vision of a destiny in a vicious circle( hell, as you said).
the last verse is a self-delusion in the exact similarity (by uttering it you give the sensation that you believe in it,whereas by thinking it you only mime believing in it).

i think the key-word is hordes(skeletons,souls,minds,ashes, magnets)- levels of existence's way of manifesting.
and pestis vetus might look like a shield for self-protection, this time, against the divine in/justice.
a poem to be remembered.

 =  danke schon Veronica!
Marius Surleac
[09.Mar.09 22:33]
Veronica, you have a point here with your well delivered comment, especially the last part from your opinion - yes, this is related to the inner dualism, the flow of time and a proper way of how I see world.

I'm very impressed with your very conclusive comment. Well done!


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