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 =  Horia Mocanu
raj thampi
[30.Mar.09 13:43]
hehe, sounds familiar :) you have written it the way I always liked to read a poem. Good work

 =  for horus
ciutura carmen luminita
[04.Apr.09 21:39]
when i read your poetry, i feel lonelyness,sadness or so much love ... can't say more,
with friendly,lumiere

+ Horia Mocanu
Luminita Suse
[11.Apr.09 06:47]
The sentiment is mutual, there is much to learn from men from a woman's stand point of view, and neither seems to be happy as if happiness is to be measured in what it is gained from the other. What happened to the gain_by_giving dogma?... The poem is beautiful through its suggestive powers, though. The essential depicted in few words, the depth of simplicity...

 =  disappointing
Horia Mocanu
[12.Apr.09 18:04]
thank you luminita for the comments. it should be a mutual feeling, right?
unfortunately i cannot stop expressing my disappointment with this site. the romanian version of my texts seems to be completely ignored, more than half have been thrown in the workshop were noone can see them, not even one lousy poem got a recommendation for reading, not even the only one that got after all a star (barcelona)and still is in the workshop. on the other hand i am extremely happy that people from the english version of the site seem to like my poetry and appreciate it. so it's not all bad :) thanks again and i hope you can find amongst these, other poems that speak to you.

 =  raj
Horia Mocanu
[12.Apr.09 18:09]
hey raj, i guess we should all admit every once in a while to have learnt something from a woman. unfortunatelly we can't always do that.

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