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 =  crying each word I had to condemn!
Corina Gina Papouis
[29.Apr.09 12:13]
This poem is furious and hurt and I loved its passion. It feels overwhelming reading it and it must have been far more intense writing it. Words are almost fighting each other to come out...

A poem that speaks out for itself!


 =  yes
Muresan Laura
[29.Apr.09 20:12]
I wrote it with a lot passion combined with fury and sadness. I was sort of fighting with my own persona.
Thank you for your thoughts, Corina

 =  further
Marius Surleac
[29.Apr.09 20:39]
Laura, I don't know what to say more - Corina pointed all out and she's right.
I think this poem is a bit different than the other ones you wrote, the older ones - it has a high intensity and comes with a more mature print ... it's like finding yourself deeper than before and this is good.

Well done!

 =  yes, but
Muresan Laura
[29.Apr.09 21:35]
mature...but do I, do we wanna be more mature after all?
Thank you for expressing your opinion, Marius.

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