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 =  killer kings & queens
Simona Sumanaru
[30.Apr.09 12:24]
Once someone told me: 'never kill love'. And I did. Did I live up to love? No way. Got to the end of the rainbow? Yes, sir. Do I owe life a great deal? You bet. Gotta re-learn to have the heart of a kid. Paying back requires a great deal of work.

As you say, it's only natural to walk the road of complications (a dash of irony included), but what intrigues me most is that we can't seem to remember the way back. Did our brains go blank because of all these "murders"?

Anyhow, besides my mumbling, I think this is one of the best poems you wrote. Great work.

+ blessed with the sensibility of reason
Corina Gina Papouis
[30.Apr.09 16:47]
as we progress towards our ‘better lives’ we successfully regress as individuals, living our exacerbated routines in an environment infested by technology/ miscommunication/ boredom/ indifference. Our lives degrading into such isolated cocoons, right there, where the rainbow ends...

Loved it! Congratulations!

 =  please live up to the things you kill...
Ada Ionescu
[01.May.09 11:32]
* I'm sorry I cannot give you a star...

 =  But I can...
John Willy Kopperud
[01.May.09 20:25]
...and I will as I reminiscence these words from Dylans "Chimes of freedom":
"Flashing for the warriors
whose strength is not to fight
flashing for the guardians
and protectors of the mind."

Just loved it, dan marius.

 =  c'est
Marius Surleac
[02.May.09 10:25]
I don't know what I can say more after all said here. I think this poem is a reflective one and is not as tough as your previous ones, but it has something much deeper that starts to show a bit from the "undiscovered" Dan - this is a different kind of peacefulness showed here.

Well done.

P.S. - From now on you can appreciate in your own way others' poems.

Best wishes,

 =  late reply :)
dan marius
[06.May.09 10:27]
simona: I don't think we ever live up to love. no matter how hard we try, somehow we seem to fail. but I agree with you. we have to "re-learn to have the heart of a kid." with something to say :)
corina : yes, civilization makes us sick.
ada: I'm sorry too :) but I am glad you liked it.
willy : now that's a true poet.
marius: it is indeed a reflective poem, glad you noticed that. and thank you.

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