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Simona Sumanaru
[05.May.09 12:05]
Before the printing press, the bird was the "observer" and the "preserver", along with the trees, the blades of grass, the walls that we try to get to speak to us as in "if only these walls could talk"... but then we deprived them all of our attention. Now with a whole history above our head, will we be able to finally listen?
Beautiful moralizing poem, Willy! Hope this interpretation suits your poetic intent.

 =  Indeed a valid interpretation, Simona, but I'd like to add...
John Willy Kopperud
[05.May.09 18:36]
...that this is also a very tall tale related to myths and fairy-tales. In the European middle ages myths telling of speaking, acting, thinking birds were numerous.On one hand it's realistic, on the other hand ittakes off into fairyland. Thank you very much for another one of your comment. I always read your responses with great

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