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+ I see a star
dan marius
[11.Jun.09 22:50]
"On the safe side of darkness, On the kind half of the moon". That's so wonderfully written... How can one write about "masks" with such kindness?
Welcome to the site. Keep posting.

 =  *
Laurenţiu Ion
[12.Jun.09 16:28]
a powerful potency &
a special perspective of those things that really matter
we learn to own our moments from a different point, we learn to compensate

awesome lines & the title is very good
it thrills the reader

 =  Thanks...
manole cora denise
[13.Jun.09 21:16]
... for the encouraging feed-back! It means a lot to be appreciated for my style. Feels like validation. But mostly I'm just happy that the subjectiveness I was expressing in this poem might have stirred an emotional reaction in you, as well.

 =  so
Laurenţiu Ion
[13.Jun.09 21:33]
come on, I'm still waiting for another poem
you certainly have something important to tell us


 =  about the perils of not assuming life
Simona Sumanaru
[17.Jun.09 11:42]
Accurate and well-written description of a state I don't want to be in.

 =  or about the perils of not assuming you
manole cora denise
[17.Jun.09 15:02]
I liked your comment, Simona. I think it's mostly about the anxiety and frustration of having lost touch with your true emotions and not finding the ladder down to them. I suppose it's a state we all experience at some point in our lives, which is ok, as long as we manage to grow past it and place it in the logic of our individual becoming. Cheers

 =  "the logic of our becoming"
Simona Sumanaru
[23.Jun.09 14:47]
Wonderful phrase which fits properly into my life's economy. May be well-deserving of a poem to go with it. Blessings

 =  Cora,
Laurentiu Ion
[26.Jul.09 19:48]
Please, explain me, why did you erase your texts?

 =  all they do is think I’m (...) On the safe side of darkness
Ada Ionescu
[30.Jul.09 20:32]
Every line contains a poem within and every feeling inside it got straight to the core of this particular reader. Thank you!

 =  Ada
cora denise manole
[31.Jul.09 10:54]
I was deeply moved to find that my poem has touched your soul to the extent you describe. Your comment is one of the most sensitive and profound I have ever received. Thank you!

 =  Laurentiu
cora denise manole
[31.Jul.09 10:59]
I guess it was an urge, something that felt right at the time.


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