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 =  I'm moving fast
John Willy Kopperud
[02.Aug.06 01:24]

This kind of repetition is occasionallly functional with a musical background.
On a track KRAFTWERK utter the words: TRANS EUROPE EXPRESS and nothing else.
In a regular poetic context you sholuld rather let that be...

 =  Slow down...smell the roses on the way...
Daniela Maria Benea
[30.Oct.06 18:41]
Don't you get tired from all this running?

 =  speed thrills but it kills.
sayed iltaf haider
[31.Oct.06 14:11]

 =  Catharsis?
Daniela Maria Benea
[02.Nov.06 17:16]
Imagery= Catharsis?
I liked that...

 =  Thank you
Teodoru Cora-Eliana
[13.Feb.07 22:47]
for all your comments! I'm sorry I didn't reply earlyer, but I didn't realize someone had posted comments...

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