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 =  Interesting
Adrian Dorie
[15.Jul.06 12:22]
Short but interesting. When mom buys fish, I usually witness her cutting them into pieces. Am I sadic or I just can't wait till they are ready to be served? Difficult question... Anyway, I'll visit you again.

Sir Adrian

 =  to conclude
andreea l.
[15.Jul.06 18:25]
you missed the point

 =  Kidding
Adrian Dorie
[01.Aug.06 02:17]
I was kidding, girl. I didn't like your text.
Irony... did you hear about it?

 =  Cracked fish eyes
John Willy Kopperud
[01.Aug.06 02:16]

...indeed...there is no silence...and I DID like the SOUND of that. i.e. the alliteration.

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