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 =  "The crash factor"
John Willy Kopperud
[03.Aug.06 14:01]
Hello again!

I guess I'll have to go get myself a copy of that Y Gasset book. Personally I'm not at all unexhibitionistic. In a way it's funny that I should be preoccupied with total anominity, though it IS intriguing...Some of the english romantics were closely connected to France and the revolution. To me that seems quite important.

So long, Songo!

 =  trapped in nostalgia ?
[09.Aug.06 14:33]
You seem to refer to the past as a Golden Age where everybody was part of the same community. I can understand it but, as a French, I also know that roots of xenophobia often stem from that nostalgia. I don't know if you have heard about Jean-Marie LePen, quite famous in France and in Europe for being the leader of all conservatives fighting in the name of old traditions and values, threatened by all alien immigrants's cultures. I think you think you are not the same but you have to be careful when using the words Respect/Understanding/Integration for these values have to be the same for everyone, immigrant/native and native/immigrant. Acceptance of cosmopolitism is the key of peace in the global community of humanity.
Apart that : I don't understand the comment above by John Willy. Why does he refer to Ortega Y Gasset ?! What's the hell the link between your text and exhibitionism ?! Was it a kind of private joke between the two of you ?

 =  trapped in nostalgia
[10.Aug.06 01:41]

...Sorry, this must be a mistake on my part. I should probably hane posted that comment in another manner. I am merely discussing Songos wievs on one of my poems. It has
nothing to do with "The crash factor." To internal I guess...


 =  The crash factor
John Willy Kopperud
[10.Aug.06 04:35]

Oopps, since I visited Chrissy and was logged in as her,
the comment above, was registered as hers. It is mine, of course. I am he and you are me and we are them and we are all together...(That must be chrystal clear.)
John Willy Kopperud

 =  Nostalgia - For Elies
Edilberto González Trejos
[10.Aug.06 14:34]
Cher Elies,
You read the lines and in-between the lines.
I see for instance how immigration is changing countries in Europe and many other places in the world.
I know about Le Pen and I know many people support him and many others do not. It is delicate for me as a Panamanian to comment on France´s Internal Affairs.
I am a great-gradnson of Spanish immigrants (there were many from Canary Islands, Extremadura, Galisia, Basque Country, etc.) who blended with local mestizo and Indians. When these people arrived to Panama, we had a mix of West Indian Afro elements, Midle-Eastern, European, Hindu, Chinese, etc... And Panama was forged like that, because we all blended as a NATIONAL IDENTITY.
The challenge now is integrating the 21st Century Immigration Wave into NATIONAL LIFE.
In this Personal reflection I depict my neighbours´ feelings and fears and it is only an approximation which I must continue, with proposals and HOPE.
I agree with you ELIES, that both immigrants and "locals" must integrate, respect and show tolerance.
Yeah! Things change, places change --- Will we ever keep the best of both worlds?

Thanks a lot for your lucid view ELIES,


 =  Hope for a better world
[14.Aug.06 10:43]
Thanks Edilberto for having understood my comment. When I wrote it, I worried you could be upset with reading some unexpected insinutations. Getting the best of all (not only both) worlds is really the key point of a peaceful humanity . South America is really special for many cultures (european, native-indian, african, asian, etc.) were mixed there in a few centuries (not only for good reasons, as slavery) and could provide humanity with a kind of 'global village' model (to use a fashioned word)... but discussing about it would lead us too far from litterature !
Greetings from France to Panama !

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