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felix nicolau
[03.Oct.06 18:28]
there are some mistakes

 =  What you think on the actual content -good or bad-would help as well.
Diana Muresan
[06.Oct.06 00:56]
My apologies for the mistakes and thank you for making the effort of pointing them out. I'd like to add to this little text.

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felix nicolau
[06.Oct.06 01:07]
what could i say? a fine city to live in, this dunno

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John Willy Kopperud
[23.Oct.06 18:37]

...In fact this reminds me a little bit about "Brave New World" by Aldous Huxley, though it might not be intended.
Anyway, fables like this is not at all the worst stuff one can read.

Greeting from Wipperud

 =  This is work in progress
Diana Muresan
[24.Oct.06 04:19]
No, I was not thinking of Huxley when I wrote it. However, I enjoy his texts for their antiutopian quality and witty irony. I tried to write something playfully allegorical, similar to Rushdie's opening pages to Haroun and the Sea of Stories. Well, to be totally honest, I was just playing with words. I had had a 'writer's block' so I simply sat down and improvised something. I am trying to come up with a sequel to this little text, otherwise, despite not being 'the worst stuff one can read,' it will just fade away. I am very open to suggestions-this is work in progress. I do not wish to write anything boring or too sophisticated for the average reader. What I want is to determine whoever reads it to re-examine things from another perspective.

Warmest regards, Diana

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John Willy Kopperud
[24.Oct.06 11:50]

...Well, then, playing with words is a superb way to pass
your time. In "Through the Looking Glass" one of Lewis Carrolls characters says to another(I'm not sure whether the quote is 100% correct): "I have quite a way with words, you know, you should see them every saturday when they come around for their pay."

And I'm sure the raverage eader also enjoys a bit of playing.

Have a dice nay!

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