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 =  poem, symbol, equation
Heghedus Camelia
[21.Nov.06 18:30]
“A blackbird sits in a word cluster
Hatching sparklers”
Look in such manner the creation’s power excites the imagination of one reader:
From the behind of the subtitle, the lilac blooms again clusters of symbols and offers them with generosity, even if they are destined to the quicksand.
Only grandma, the eternal one, the unmoved by the vapid Sundays and by the pink color, only she can really understand this poem. Here is a bronze character that craves for the bronze bride (fragrance), maybe he didn’t find out that he is carrying the bronze within him.
May be here the butterfly as symbol of the new? The new, taking apart the preconceived ideas, receives instead venom inside its belly. Therefore, the egg that generates the novelty cannot be otherwise than burning and only the deep-rooted one, the profound one, the primordial one can catch it in his lap.
The butterfly, whirling around the center point, doses with finesse and a lot of common sense the quantity of words, significations, and new elements inside the heart ( sometimes, unfortunately, inside the stomach ) of the reader. I think that, discreetly, the last stanza hints a God as a Universal Bachelor and a man fated to his loneliness.

 =  low
[21.Nov.06 10:49]
grandma’s tender visage... how can you write this shit? too many "zorzonele" in your text... do you like toying with yourself?

 =  lower
[22.Nov.06 09:32]
the power of orange knickers... or how to turn "un cacat" into a butterfly. Grandmaz are not iternal :)) God is not a bachelor and you mrs hegedus need to get a life

 =  blackbird
John Willy Kopperud
[22.Nov.06 10:01]

Dan! You don't even make an effort to interpret the metaphors in the poem - you are simply against them. That
seems to me like hitting a low in the commentwriting on this site!

[22.Nov.06 13:01]
yeah right.. perhaps I should. let's see... "betrayed sand!" (i'm sorry you can't understand the romanian version.. nisip deconspirat, which sounds like hell), "grandma’s tender visage", "skinny Sunday"... uuuh momma this makes you wanna watch some 60's porn, "the burning egg of the venomous butterfly - children of all ages here's a good one for ya, "will be hatching his Bride" wooops am I in the wrong movie here? so.. mr Nicolau do us a huge favor and DELETE THIS GARBAGE!!!!

 =  therefore
Heghedus Camelia
[22.Nov.06 23:41]
This type of poem (doesn’t matter if it is an old one or not) seems to me very interesting, and the same time, as we can see, dangerous. I enjoy this style, these times when people copy out so much each other. It is very expressively but it can be wrongly understand. It sounds to me like a new language. You can understand something, or even try, or at least you can imagine what you want. This is a real creation. It is true that if cannot receive something from it your trial can end with a headache. I admire the originality and the cryptic language that hides meanings. Willy, thank you.

 =  hermetism doesn't justify idiots
felix nicolau
[23.Nov.06 01:43]
as i put it on the romanian side, this is an older poem, a little symbolic and surrealistic, the way i don't write these days. but this doesn't justify disabled, frustated attitudes, as the stubborn ones above. i'm fed up with inculture, cheap terribilism and aggressiveness.
thanks camelia and willy for taking the effort of approaching this text

 =  surrealistic stances...
Marius Surleac
[17.Mar.08 15:05]
Is note quite a little symbolic but much more and too surrealistic. It reminds me of an old painting called in translation: "How to Explain Paintings to a Dead Hare",Joseph Beuys, Photo from Performance on Nov. 26, 1965.
The burning egg gives me the idea of re-birth in a new stance for a complex creature like a butterfly and also the cocoon metamorphosis, and so on.
I really like this kind of writing.
Cheers Felix!

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