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 =  Please elaborate on your comment and tell me what accents etc. I have missed. Th
Sydney Krivenko
[01.Dec.06 01:00]
This is heavy, very deep, but also very sad and lonely.
Tell me, Edilberto, I did not quite understand your comment about La Vela, which additions, which accents? I have my texts checked and corrected by Spanish friends, and I think the Agonia forum would not accept a faulty text. So?

 =  sad indeed dear Sydney
Somehow sad... But that`s my perception of the reign of fear in North America right now... and it might be contagious if we do not keep lucid (or at least die trying).
Please my "off topic" comm. on the Spanish section



+ yes
ion amariutei
[02.Dec.06 20:37]
really liked it, an enigma wrapped in an allegory. feelings being just actors playing a script, reality just sleight of hand, Houdini on queue, smoke, mirrors & all.
the sort of poem starting (perhaps) from local reality but quickly escaping into universal, calm meditation

 =  The Invisible Menace
John Willy Kopperud
[02.Dec.06 22:51]
...and also entering into the political realm. There is not much poetry on Agonia getting in touch with that dimension, but when you do it, Edilberto, you create a lucid example.

From Wipperud with high regards

 =  Ion // Willy ... wicked global ghost and degraded humanity
Thanks Ion ...
It started quite local but ended up catching some kind of wicked global ghost.

Willy... also thanks!
Political, well yes but beyond politics, I see and grieve the degradation of our human nature.
Kind regards,


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