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 =  Where are those who are mot Anymore?
John Willy Kopperud
[17.Jan.07 14:04]

These mysteries, these question, always present in human consciousness. I like the not too elaborate way you present
the theme. And the finish is indeed good:
- Said the owl without fail
The great night will unveil

Good piece, Camelia!

 =  Willy
Heghedus Camelia
[18.Jan.07 09:35]
The beauty of this poem does not belong to me, I only translated it, and I am sure that it could have made better. The author, Nichifor Crainic (1889-1972, whose real name was Ion Dobre), was a great Romanian poet, publicist, essayist, and exegete of orthodox dogma. This not very elaborate way to present belongs to the past; this simplicity gives power to the poem.
Thank you very much! It is a good piece for searching for peace.

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