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 =  Septerra Core?
Joshua Vasquez Butawan
[10.Dec.06 04:54]
while reading your text I remembered the game (Septerra core) a Pc game

u know that game?
some of themes are related to such shells of emotions and undefined madness, for u cannot go though whenever it get with....such stuff..u know what i mean...

 =  I would like to hear more from you :)
[11.Dec.06 10:57]
Yes, I had this id for a long time and it comes from the game :) I liked its story very much
I am not sure what you mean.. can you detail more?

 =  Septerra Core (the legacy of the creator)
Joshua Vasquez Butawan
[13.Dec.06 15:04]
well that game is really great, Maya, Grub, Led, Araym, Corgan and others are really cool...THEY rock(it's one of my favorites), I happen to play that game also, But I haven't finished it.

in relation to ur poem, I happen to compare the
septerra core, as u have said you played it, I hope you know that each shell according to septerra game,

shell(1) the chosens,
Shell(2) the oasis,
shell(3) the wind city,
shell(4) bazaar and slums,
shell(5)ankara and jinam,
shell(6)the bounty hunters place,
shell(7) the so called CORE

In ur poem itys theme are like shell covering its theme, beeing kept inside, concealed, and as to ur title it answers the whole point..

can u write a poetry about septerra core?
I missed that theage

 =  Nice comparison :)
[14.Dec.06 01:26]
I played and finished the game twice.. :)
Well, usually my poems come from what I feel at a certain time, I don't elaborate too much... just write them, and after that if I want to post one, I check it for errors, type-os and so on. That is an interesting comparison to Septerra Core.. i'm not sure about there being more themes in the poem... it's all about the shy people, and the difficulties they have when they have to speak in public, or to unknown people etc.. that it is hard for them to reveal what is inside, to communicate their emotions and thoughts and that is bad because that way people don't get to know them and appreciate them more... I am not very shy but I have some difficulties when it comes to speaking in public or to certain people... that's where the poem came from...
And about Septerra.. that game impressed me a lot because of its very elaborated story... how all the characters have their own story, how all the shells have their totally different cultures that believe in different gods.. how the story twists and all the unexpected things that happen.. even the concept of the planet itself and of the shells... all these make the game very original.. I wish they would make a film after it.. (or at least a Septerra Core 2.. that I have been waiting for for 5 years now).. if you want another game with a great story try Morrowind also :)

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