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Heghedus Camelia
[09.Jan.07 08:23]
Welcome these short poems with musical history as the main theme. It sounds interesting this foray into the legend of one of the most famous singer of all time, who had a quasi-mythical status. I read that Farinelli could produce 250 notes in a single breath and sustain a note for more than a minute, he "could hold his notes for such a long time that those who heard him believed that it was impossible to do so naturally. They believed he hid a special instrument which maintained the sound of his voice whilst he took another breath." (Charles Burney)
Congratulations, Willy!

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ion amariutei
[21.Jan.07 09:15]
not so sure, i've listened to some caruso recordings, kind of disappointing. even enescu, better known as a violinist than a composer, although a great musician, would not be on a par (technically speaking) with contemporary violinists. then again, there are no recordings of paganini, and he must have been a great technician because his own compositions are still among the most challenging ones. back to the poem, kind of funny, with the usual dry humor and toned down insight. why not a whole music history?

 =  (Nr.3) Farinelli
John Willy Kopperud
[21.Jan.07 13:01]
Thank you very much for your comment, Ion! Not sure? Well, I'm not either. How would that be possible? What really interests me here are the stories told about Farinelli. Through them I get some notion about how he was perceived by his contemporaries.

And; as I have expressed in my essay about this topic: These poems (partly) pivot around the moments they describe.

A whole musical history, what are you aiming at? Epical poetry, prose, essay? In a sense this series will add up to some kind of musical history if I keep on posting nr.4, nr.5 and so on...But, of course, it*s worth reflecting upon...

 =  Farinelli
John Willy Kopperud
[21.Jan.07 16:07]
PS: Anyway I think the CASTRATI singers are a very interesting
phenomenon. By means of castration one could avoid the natural
change in the voice and thus come a bit easier to the tech-
nique yhan the latter day contra tenors

 =  White voices in cages
White voices imprisoned forever in grey souls, yet they shine.
The movie rocked, even more the real story.
They were the rock stars, CASTRATI & somehow tortured.

Good job Willy


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