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 =  contemplative
Heghedus Camelia
[24.Jan.07 10:11]
The organic reality imbeds with the spiritual reality. That head springs concurrently toward the outside and the inside of things. It is tempting to wander within this intellectual and sensitive scenery. “The mystery of the human being does not consist of what he conceals, but of what he shows to everybody.”(M. Sendrail) To translate in clear formulas this language may be less important than to offer it to the inner eye, for contemplation. Anyway, I perceived those birds as “paralysed-with-silence” in front of something that cannot be explain by reason and covers itself with the miracle’s halo. Maybe the “Archer on guard” is a kind of skeptic concerning the miracles, wishful for experimentation.

 =  Romart
John Willy Kopperud
[29.Jan.07 20:01]

Jason wakes up after sleeping until rather late and goes
searching for the golden fleece yet again, this time in a landscape molded by a surrealist painters brush.

Cheers from Willy

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