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 =  Mayas are just an example of many old nations, what are the Manilan stories? Wel
Sydney Krivenko
[12.Feb.07 17:35]
interesting, Joshua, yet unclear, what you mean, you seem a deeply spiritual person. yes, I meant that all peoples of all countries have their own stories as nations and even as individuals.But the Mayas etc. are amongst the oldest and most known as far as their religious history is concerned, so they were just an example, I could not cite every nation in the world. I would love to know what the stories in Manila are on this subject...

 =  next time maybe our nations reflection
Joshua Vasquez Butawan
[15.Feb.07 05:09]
It's just a cite of altered existence, as a poet and as a writer [me], just a personal reflection of my circumstances.

Mostly teenagres and poets of manila usually write about how they feel, how life goes on, mostly kinda personal journal.

maybe next time I'll try to reflect our cultures existence and how things are, and perhaps try to make it complex...I'll try to reflect our culture next time

 =  Here you come through to me...
John Willy Kopperud
[02.Jan.08 10:41] a sort of hazy anguish. Writing your life, or personal feelings, is not wrong at all, when it's done with a certain intensity. What I like here is the elaborated anguish itself.
No more poems? On the contrary! But they will have to be in a style similar to this. When I read the poem you published a couple of days ago, I thought there might be nothing to it. Luckily I was mistaken!
Still a Happy New Year from Willy

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