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+ sound painting
felix nicolau
[17.Apr.07 09:02]
impressive this association between playing and making love.sensuous and forceful in the same time

 =  Porn piano
alex albon
[22.Apr.07 05:46]
Oh, I love your desperate poems so much!
It is here where the essence of love lays - in the force to withstand the desperate, desperate circumstances.
I agree, love is the force to embrace your destiny, to love it because you will.

 =  Graceful
Impressive, graceful, nice esthetics.
Perhaps voluptuous...
Congrats Sydney!

 =  Body and Soul
John Willy Kopperud
[29.Apr.07 12:54]

The poem contains sensuality, grace, movement and a bridge between music and (physical) love.
Congratulations from Willy

 =  Thank you all!
Sydney Krivenko
[29.Apr.07 13:08]
Thanks to all of you! Alex... porn is not a poetic word, and it is really not what i want to say! a bit of eroticism is part of love and love features in most of my work, which is ok, is it not?

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