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 =  the clock-work orange//
miruna voican
[06.May.07 17:48]
at the first sight, I was shocked to read a poem like this, but the end of it suddenly enlightened me / it is though,a violent way to express what has hapened in the past, you know what I'm talking about/I like the way you express thing using a small number of words//
I've yet to meet such a violent type of writting, and you convinced me thus you take after Alex, even in a different context/


 =  The art of no nonsense
John Willy Kopperud
[07.May.07 00:22]

You hit that right on the bloody spot, Dan!

Congratulations from Willy

 =  about nothing
[08.May.07 11:31]
sometimes it's harder to reply to your comments than to write the poems :) well I suppose Alex was pretty interesting as a character although I think the movie has nothing to do with him. he's sort of... thrown onstage. the language is rather simple... than violent. writing small texts, you always seem to let the reader rewrite the text.

words set free. abandon reason :)

+ rem this
ion amariutei
[08.May.07 00:06]
yup, pure sarcasm, suddenly melting into a powerfull metaphor.

 =  Very good poem ... Dan!
Marius Surleac
[12.Feb.08 10:58]
It is very smart how you've presented the idea of war consequences mixed with the physical state of R.E.M. - "melting light" means something like eternal sleep instead of Death.
Very powerful by senses!

 =  thanks
dan marius
[13.Feb.08 03:54]
I guess soldiers are always asleep. War numbs eeevveryone. Unless you go to Switzerland. And lay there, awake. I think I thought of Auschwitz.

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