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 =  right on, willy
ion amariutei
[02.May.07 00:29]
first, those hunters/gatherers had a life expectancy of probably 30 years or so. if some huge beast didn't kill them, hunger, cold or some disease would do it.

then, to all those people romanticizing nature and the bad old days, i invite them to try living like that: without electricity, running water, bath, toilet, paved streets, etc. i bet they wouldn't last a month, if that.

as for crowds, you're lucky, oslo is a nice sized city. when it gets to 5 million people, you might have a problem or three

 =  I also agree with you
Heghedus Camelia
[02.May.07 07:44]
It is interesting, certainly restful to spend some time in the middle of the nature, without electricity, running water, hearing songs or fairytales by a campfire during nights. Of course, we shouldn’t enjoy this more than for few days. I live in a small city and it is convenient for me because it takes only one hour, maximum, to resolve the problems with banks or others. Moreover, usually I go out dressed in training suit. However, weekly I go to Cluj, a big city, where I can do my purchase, see a theatre show, or anything else and it takes less time than to pass from a place to another in Bucharest, for example. Besides, I couldn’t wake up without my morning coffee.
You are right, Willy.
(I think you taped x instead of c, they are neighboring letters)

 =  Ion and Camelia!
John Willy Kopperud
[02.May.07 10:07]

Thank you very much for your responses! Of course, Ion, I think you're right about average life expectancy for hunters and gatherers. How big should a city be? Well I don't think you could get a definite answer to that question? It depends on the part of the city where you live and a few other variables. Nevertheless, half a million IS quite a pleasant size. Copenhagen and Amsterdam are both a bit bigger, but I
do love both of them! Anyway, as to size, I don't think you could get the citizens to move out, it's rather the urban
conditions you'd have to work upon.

Thank you for pointing out my misspelling, Camelia! I've
corrected it.

See ypu both on these pages!
Regards from Willy

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