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Heghedus Camelia
[31.May.07 15:09]

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felix nicolau
[06.Jun.07 18:20]
you have all my congrats for your effort! you re-dynamised the theoretical side of the site!
as to lunatics, i think they are the only sensitive people in this world, especially those who live in their world without gripping to others, nobly

 =  Felix, my first yellow star,
Heghedus Camelia
[06.Jun.07 20:48]
your words, your opinion about those lunatics made me happy again. Therefore, I am not the only one who thinks like that. We all know that all the geniuses were/are kind of lunatics.
I am only trying to recover the lost things/time of my life.
Thank you so much!!

 =  Lunacy or "Lunacy"?
John Willy Kopperud
[17.Jun.07 15:03]

You certainly have a point there, regarding the close connection between "lunacy" and art. The reason why I write "lunacy" like this is that I insist upon being critical to the definition of lunacy. After all; who is to decide and on which premises? Anyway this is one highly interesting book review and it helps to confirm my suspicion: There must be a
close connection between Rumanian and French literature, maybe culture in the broad sense.

Congratulations from Willy

 =  Starry, starry night
John Willy Kopperud
[17.Jun.07 15:10]
Excellent book review! You point to the connection between "lunacy" and the arts - an important one, I think. I write "lunacy" in this way because I'm not certain of whether we should trust the psychiatrists or the psychologists views on who is sane or insane. This review strengten my suspicions about there being a close connection between Rumaninan and
French literature, or maybe culture in the broad sense.

Congratulations from Willy

 =  Thank you very much
Heghedus Camelia
[18.Jun.07 13:08]
for your comment, Willy! A very important question: “who is to decide and on which premises?” who is to classify people? Dalí was saying, “The unique difference between me and a lunatic is that I am not a lunatic”. The borderline between normality and lunacy is very fragile. Lunacy may derive from an increased sensitiveness. I’ve always had a passion for eccentric people and unusual behavior. Too much normality annoys. Yes, I think there are connections between Romanian and French culture, but I am not enough well informed to talk about it.

Greetings from Cami!

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