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 =  Way of yours
Axel Lenn
[11.Nov.03 22:02]
disappearAnce, you meen

+ Michel
Anca Veronica Anghel
[12.Nov.03 01:48]
Welcome , welcome and I'm eager to read your English poems, although I know that you "feel" better in Romanian.

 =  tiny
Mihail Velcescu
[29.Nov.03 13:30]
A bit on the outskirts of reason... reminding of the dada

You are shocking in your writing, quite brutal sometimes, and I feel some sense of anxiety in your poem.

You tend to minimalise your self-within-the-poem... an observer, tiny but accurate, pointing at the faults of the human...

 =  nice to meet you, too
Elena Malec
[21.Apr.04 16:39]
Twinkle, twinkle, Little Star...
Next time the firmament...
How about a little heart, for a change?

 =  Here I am
Daniel Dinescu
[25.Apr.04 19:32]
Now in English too! :)
Let me tell you something, I like the image created by the poem, but I don't like its shape, is like thoughts on a piece of paper...that's my opinion. And I also don't like the use of too manny colours: yellow, white, pink... Ah, I also think that a rainy atmosphere is already British.
Talk to you soon! :)

 =  splendid
Ionela-Jeni Grigore
[26.Apr.04 18:07]
wonderful poem. you made me happy today. thank you! see you for real comments.

 =  beautiful
Sigartau Alex
[26.Sep.04 21:11]
"I'll be the pale pink in your marble carnival of dreams"... I'm speechless. Extraordinarily beautiful!

 =  God, flesh poems.....
Diana Pacuraru
[04.Feb.05 00:10]
"with all my flesh poems" --> lost balance. Literally. Great.

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