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 =  trying to help you
Anca Veronica Anghel
[13.Nov.03 15:10]
There is a link down there, on the bottom of the page about editing your text. Click on that and you will see that you have the option to change the type of your writing. Do you want to enter it is as an article?

 =  mirela ?!
Radu Herinean
[13.Nov.03 15:17]
she couldn't post as article as her level was below 100.
only members with 100 can propose articles.
now she's got 100 and i moved the article to Society.
i am waiting for an answer from the author as well.

 =  thanks
mirela vlaica
[13.Nov.03 21:11]
Thanks Radu for the 100. Now I understand how the new site it´s working.

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