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 =  jason loveall
Jason A. Loveall
[11.Mar.04 16:14]
You are ever inspiring. I would love to correspond with you. Please contact me at [email protected]
Your language and flow and images make me want to write.
thank you for a renewed faith in the power of words

+ interesting indeed
Anca Anghel Novac
[11.Mar.04 16:20]
Everything what you posted is interesting poetry. I am glad that I have the opportunity to read and to know you trough the written word.
Congrat !

 =  where's a frame when you need one?!
Bethany Lerie
[13.Mar.04 20:29]
perfect example of the speed and confusion of the modern world. so easy to assume a thing is what we wish as opposed to what it's reality equates. a perfect portrait for the Louvre!

 =  Extension of the self
Corina Dragomir
[18.Jun.04 08:51]
The song-like musicality of your poetry suggests a painful inner struggle in a vibrant way that makes the reader be part of a mystical wedding. The melancholy that we are subject to in the Modern World is an austere way to escape.
I really admire your artistic skill. ....."lamps of wax on the Eiffel Tour's roof". Having read all your poems you certainly made me write acting like a mentor hidden wisely behind a curtain. Congratulations!

 =  Corina Dragomir
Ionela-Jeni Grigore
[23.Jun.04 19:49]
Corina, i'm sad sad today. your words bless me. indeed. thank you!


 =  Blank Cheque (for comfort)
Corina Dragomir
[26.Jun.04 05:15]
your sadness rising
filling every inch of
you lay behind
a reservoir of thoughts
in its crescendo scream.

You hold onto your anger
Locked in a box.
Chains all around it.
Attached are locks

P.S. I'm looking forward to read a new poem or prose written by you, here on agonia - the english version.


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