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 =  splendid
Elena Malec
[12.May.04 20:35]
You are even more of a poet in your prose. I am truly sorry for not being able to offer you a star(you know the policy of editorial levels and professional authority on this site!). Anyway, you have my admiration and praise if that would mean anyhing to you.

 =  I take it gladly!
Anca Mihai
[14.May.04 17:26]
Hey thank you again for liking my prose! :)) Yes it means, it means a lot for me: to know that someone likes what I write and how I write...I don't write prose so often because it's faster and easier to put down a poem when I feel like confessing than to write a text...And when I do, they are very...personal :) up to dramatic and I can't post them on the site...But I promise I will try to conjure "the calling of the inspiration" :P and do that!

+ Yes
Daniel Dinescu
[15.May.04 17:13]
I like your text and I think Elena is right, you need a 'light' to guide others' steps towards it! :)
You could do better, I think you are using to much the article "the" and you have some sentences that could be changed or improved. Try to make the English language a part of yourself and then write, because I think that you have lots of potential. In English is much easier to say some things, catch the idea! :)
I will continue reading your texts.
Best wishes,

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