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 =  to be corrected
Anca Anghel Novac
[18.Jun.04 08:45]
This word "magnficently" needs to be corrected.
Thank you.

 =  screenshot ... Anca...
Corina Dragomir
[29.Jun.04 21:29]
Thank you for passing by, Anca. I have recently discovered you all and there can be no other satisfaction than to sit in my chair reading such prolific minds.
*As far as I know the word "magnificently" is an adverb.
Did I misuse it? ... I confess I am wrapped up in confusion.
Any possible suggestions to make the correction?


 =  still misspelled
Anca Anghel Novac
[04.Jul.04 19:33]

Still the word is misspelled. Just pick up a dictionary.
No need for any confession.

Also there is no need to have a “prolific mind” to see this.
Just make the correction if you wish.

Take care.

 =  thank you
Corina Dragomir
[05.Jul.04 16:36]
I was blind and I omitted the vowel "i" when I wrote that word.
you were definitely right about correcting me.
I plead guilty for having been unable to see that on a second reading.
I would like to make the correction but unfortunately I don't know how.
Can one of the editors help me?

Thank you


 =  a little help for corina
Irina Iacovescu
[13.Jul.04 21:28]
At the bottom of the page containing your text you will see this link: "you can edit this text". Click on it and a new window will open. In this new window you can make the necessary changes and then click "send". Good luck!

 =  Irina
Corina Dragomir
[14.Jul.04 17:36]
I thought no one would help me with the correction as the appeal had been launched at the beginning of July and no answer was given in due time.
Thank God Irina was the only editor who helped me find the key that was meant for me to click in order to change my texts.
(Things are a little bit slower on the english pages in comparison with A more intense promotion is needed as all the poets are spending the entire time on

Thank you, Irina


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