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Andreea Drãguleasa
[13.Jul.04 01:40]
The same remarcable writing I've noticed at you from the very beginning. I like it too much to be able to express it properly in words.
Just call it random burning...


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Ioana Barac Grigore
[15.Jul.04 04:01]
another good poem, after that special doll! congratulation! ioana

 =  you know you're right
kurt cnejevici
[16.Jul.04 00:15]
Girls, thank you for the nice words. Since you mentioned that Little Special Doll, I will tell you that I plan to bring her back pretty soon, although right now she’s taking a break from her usual self in a special place… nearly close enough to touch, for those rare individuals who can see without seeing, hear without hearing, taste without tasting, smell without smelling, touch without touching, or know without knowing. That place is named The Place and you must believe it is so, otherwise its nature will fade first at the edges, yellowing like an old photograph, maturing next into a crisp brownish layer that will eventually crumble into a fine powdery dust made of heartaches and longing that will blow away on a butterfly’s breath, taking with it an illusion scarcely known in these cold and dreamless days. The paths that lead into the Place are many, such that those of The Place themselves do not know how many roads will lead you to them, for they say, quite pragmatically, that it matters not how many roads lead into The Place, for each traveler who walks those roads might visit by no more than one at a time.

Okay, that’s it for now. To be continued.

 =  Adrian
Adrian Brudaru
[22.Jul.04 11:37]
Is it me or does this poem lack the possibility to go backwards from a point in a stanza?
What i mean is that the others had a finer flow of ideas, you could read from top to bottom or from bottom up, while this one is more like a one way stream. Othewrwise, it's nice.

 =  Camica
Ioana Camelia Popa
[25.Jul.04 09:30]
beautiful images and metaphors, beautiful love, mmmm...Only I fell a little pessimism...Is it sad?

 =  Enjoyed
Diana Pacuraru
[08.Nov.04 00:30]
I really like the phrase "Someone has given me the random feeling of the flame". It comes so close to my tastes, to the way I see passion. I see it as if you're taking a part of the universal passion of the entire divinity, as you take a part of that flame. I like how you see it, as if you have taken this random, this normal feeling and turned it into something preternatural. I like it (do you like Nirvana, too? :)) )

 =  Diana
kurt cnejevici
[12.Nov.04 02:51]
You can clearly read beyond what I have posted here. Few people can go past the initial reading. You have to have not only good verbal skills but also the ability to strike the right tone or feeling. Your comment was a nice surprise. Thank you. And yes, it’s better to burn out than to fade away ;)

 =  That feeling...
Luminita Baboianu
[16.Nov.04 02:38]
...of running backwards along someone
that barely drags feet in a closed circle
like you unconsciously try to stop the earth
from turning around the sun
and force the raindrops to fall horizontally
as if you're constantly with your back at a door
that closes it self
everytime you move towards
that morning light that pours through it...

(Have you seen, by any chance, the movie "Eternal Sunshine of a Spotless Mind"? If not, allow me to recomande it to you.)

Thank you for that feeling!

 =  Luminita
kurt cnejevici
[18.Nov.04 02:46]
Thanks for the comment and for the recommendation. I have not seen it yet.

 =  wonderful poem Kurt...
Marius Surleac
[26.Mar.08 09:29]
Wonderful poem Kurt!
My opinion is that you've uncovered a very interesting image for the "random burning" of love ambiance, its vibrations, a continuously stream for the feelings, melting not only the souls but the flesh also ... finally, to create a perfect creature that environs two burning souls.

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