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+ time to fall
Michel Martin
[28.Sep.04 15:55]
This poem is nearly shakespearean. A certain sadness surrounding a feeling which almost touches craziness. The fullfilled space of an empty, deserted soul.
The last stanza is just beautiful. I can't even read it again, it's like a spell made by bewitched sounds, not words.
The most emotional poem I red this autumn. Or shall we call it fall? I love "fall". And you used it there perfectly.

Completly British, no doubt.

 =  odd
Motoc Lavinia
[29.Sep.04 10:38]
Quelle surprise!
Indeed surprise, I wouldn't expect you to have the same perception of the English falls as mine, isn't that amazingly odd?
I could say that I am honoured but that'd be man'ish, I am actually pleased.
Too nice words for such a Cinderella of all falls.

 =  Nice
Anca Maria Morcovescu
[05.Nov.04 22:21]
I like the musicality and the imagery in your poem. Nice!

 =  Anca
Motoc Lavinia
[06.Nov.04 15:36]
Thanks, Anca, I think musicality is important when it comes to poems.

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