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Luminita Suse
[06.Nov.04 22:18]
Excellent poem, enjoyable in all aspects: style, great theme, well pondered words, nothing less, nothing more!
There is a typo in verse #10; should it be the past tense of the verb “to remain” or the noun “remainder”? I prefer the second, but do not mind me…

 =  (;-) Thank you
Ioana Camelia Popa
[08.Nov.04 15:36]
Thank you very much, Luminita, for your appreciation, and observations, I will thank here to Claudiu Banu, also, because he showed me were there could be some improvements.

 =  I like it
Anca Maria Morcovescu
[08.Nov.04 23:55]
I like your poem vry much. It has some great images. I particularly like the verses

"a part the "you" in me
and another the "me" in you."

"I`d throw her towards the sun,
to burn like a coal.
From the sun, the sun-beam boomerang
would stab my heart."

I will come back to read you.
All the best.

 =  interesting
Daniel Dinescu
[08.Nov.04 23:59]
yes, the poem is interesting, taking into account that is a follow-up, so I think is nice to be read.

 =  not that specktacular
andrei nicolescu
[09.Nov.04 02:35]
if we were to gently extract the first two verses and continue in the same pace we would've ended in a pretty good place. but sadly, the poem loses it's core and turns into nothing more than a limping pile of words held together by an idea commonly used and re-used by almost any poet.
i don't care if this text is a follow-up, it's still weak, lacking that spark that could make me read it twice.

 =  2
andrei nicolescu
[09.Nov.04 02:37]
*if we were to gently extract the first two verses, put them separately and continue in the same pace we would've ended up in a pretty good place.

pardon my mistake

 =  The way
Ioana Camelia Popa
[09.Nov.04 16:23]
Dear Daniel and Anca, Thank you for appreciation...
Dear Andrei, the same idea of love it will always be used, for ever and ever because, the true meaning of life lies there, the only thing that will be changed is the way people will see it, and the way they express it. I think reality is beautiful through what kind of eyes you see it. the most important thing in life is the way you enjoy it, and this is the reason why I have described the way I`ll compose the sound of madness in love.

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