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 =  amusing, rofl-ing even
Maria Schuler
[01.Jan.05 02:30]
Don't we all? I understand your frustration! I think the problem is that there are no users on the english version of fit to give you-or anyone, for that matter-stars. Most of us do not have the levels of access yet, like me for instance.
I read a poem today that I thought was almost perfect and that it deserved a star, yet I did not have the permission to give one. Sad. Oh well, you amused me with this, and so with the first opportunity I get I'll surch for one of your poems fit for "stars" and award them as they're worth.

 =  your stars, sir
[01.Jan.05 02:30]
there you go : * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

 =  Am I missing something here?!?
Dennis Edward Moustapha
[25.Mar.05 06:16]
Ridiculous nausea, carpet bound excretia... Star spangled kitchen towell, and my wife Lucretia! (what a world what a world what a world what a world what a world what a world what a world what a world what a world... )

 =  ...
Diana Pacuraru
[28.Mar.05 00:47]

 =  wait!
alina pachitanu
[16.Apr.05 11:02]
don't forget about your beautiful stars in your wish! just wait! victory!

 =  poor unfortunate soul.......
Jradster Butawan
[03.May.05 16:05]
try reading some of your works before you asked foe some of matter stars, and don't expect too much or you will be hurt.

 =  Gosh
Lennard Liracu
[26.May.05 15:37]
I really can't imagine how you strongly crave for the stupid stars? By the way I hate stars!

 =  Motivation
Edilberto González Trejos
[26.May.05 21:17]

Do you write for the stars or or the good sake of art?
By the way, I write because i love it and I can´t help it.


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