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Poezii Romnesti - Romanian Poetry




 Don’t walk before me, I might not be able to follow you; don’t walk behind me, I might not be able to lead you, walk beside me and be my friend. MissMihaela

City of Residence: BACÃU-ROMÂNIA
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At home :
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Poetry 2006-12-16 (1024 hits)

Winter for two :
Poetry 2006-12-16 (1082 hits)

Urbanization :
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Meet again :
Essay 2006-12-10 (2277 hits)

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At Home :
Essay 2006-12-10 (2267 hits)

Melancholy :
Essay 2006-12-10 (2136 hits)

Winter for two :
Poetry 2006-12-10 (1103 hits)

To you :
Poetry 2006-12-02 (2651 hits)

Urbanization :
Poetry 2006-12-02 (2893 hits)

Meet again :
Poetry 2006-12-02 (1085 hits)

From beyond :
Poetry 2006-12-02 (2802 hits)

At Home :
Poetry 2006-12-02 (1050 hits)

Melancholy :
Poetry 2006-12-02 (1043 hits)

Winter for two :
Poetry 2006-12-02 (1063 hits)

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Graduated from Stefan cel Mare University, major in Muzeology(Suceava)
Spiru Haret University Bucharest, Faculty of History
Graduated from "Mihail Kogalniceanu" High School, major in philology(Vaslui)
Romanian language and literature and Latin language teacher in 1994
Archaeological works:
As a student with the Stefan cel Mare University, participates in the escavation at Targu Frumos (Patule basis) , Iasi district in the 1995 - 1996 campaigns
Spiru Haret University, Bucharest, Faculty of History
Specialized in the field of preventive preservation, Bucharest 1998-2004, finalized with diploma of custodian 2004
Cultural assets custodian within the Muzeum Complex "Iulian Antonescu", Bacau
Member of "OCTAVIAN VOICU" Bacau
Studies and articles:
A tribute to Zoe Dumitrescu Busulenga in Carpica, 2006 Precista Church in Bacau, historical and medieval religious arhictectural monument, part of the cycle "My Romania" published on
In 2005 she receives a special nomination at the national poetry contest "The Poetry of Youth" Iasi 2005 and is included in the collective publication "The Fourth Day" with the two poems presented in the contest :"The First date" and "You" (this was her first contest participation)and "ANTOLOGIA PLUMB 600"
The III prize at haiku contest september 2008,organized by Romanian Kukai
The II prize at haiku contest february 2009,organized by Romanian Kukai

In May 2006 can be noted her local debut in the prestigious cultural magazine "ATENEU" (in the city of Bacau) and then the appearance in "FORMA","PLUMB". "DOR DE DOR", "SINGUR", "RASUNETUL LITERAR", "13 PLUS" "ALBATROSS" etc
In the poetry field, she also publishes on pe, and english),,

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