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 =  Nobel!
Andrei - Tiberiu Mãjeri
[11.Oct.09 20:16]
I'm happy that a person born in our cuntry won the Nobel Prize for Literature!

 =  A toast for Hertha Müller-
John Willy Kopperud
[11.Oct.09 20:51]
-and other authors writing great works during the most repressive times. This is
indeed an occasion for the Romanian literary establishment in particular and for
any interested person inside your country. Let me share a cheer for this prize with you! Diana, because of the clarity and reader-friendliness of your article I
will place it on the recommended reading list. Also the mere rewarding with the Nobel Prize makes it belong on that list. Just one small thing, please change this phrasing:
"The author said about novel that she wrote this novel" etc. - Not good English.
Instead I suggest: "The author stated that she wrote this novel in memory of..etc."
Cheers from Willy

 =  willy
Diana Todea
[12.Oct.09 14:57]
Yes, I appreciate that you recommended this text. Is a great achievement for the author herself, and for the Romanian people for being the native country of the author. Actually, like is stated at the end of this article all the information is taken from press releases, citing as a source the Romanian Cultural Centre in London. So I had no connection in writing this article. I think the expression is common used in newspapers without being of a particular high level of academic English. Cheers, Willy!

 =  Yes, but I must insist, though-
John Willy Kopperud
[12.Oct.09 18:00]
-I may appear as picky.
"The author said about novel that she wrote this novel “in memory of my Romanian friends who were killed under the Ceausescu regime”."

The sentence clearly lacks THE before novel and if you add that word you should
replace "this novel" with "it" in order to satisfy your originally english-using readers, to gain precision and avoid unneccarities.
Cheers from Willy

 =  right
Diana Todea
[12.Oct.09 18:13]
Yes, I agree. Cheers!

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