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Veronica Valeanu
[22.Feb.11 10:40]
that sheep looking for you is adorable! ( I also recall about a similar lamb, long ago...)
I would be glad if you found the power to write more from/about childhood. Most people feel block when it comes to this resource.

all the best,

 =  thanks for the input
Motoc Lavinia
[26.Feb.11 21:31]
Thank you for your in(put). I don't think I have ever grown up, my time will come though...
I do actually enjoy playing and abandoning myself in it, along with my children. It is very resourceful, I know.
As for the lamb there is a whole history to it. Of course, for history books.

+ i think there is always more
ion a
[27.Feb.11 06:06]
maybe i'm reading it the wrong way, but looks to me more like an elegy/meditation on human condition, particularly because of the last stanza, the birthday cake bridging the otherwise sweet connotations to a "mouthful of dirt". actually the last two stanzas are very powerful, the first two a little hesitant. overall, a good comeback

 =  Ion- intuition or?
Motoc Lavinia
[27.Feb.11 17:17]
Let me tell you what is amazing. Your intuition. The first two stanzas were actually pure reality, Erica with her plush looking for me hesitantly as I was doing something she wasn't suppose to see me do.

Secondly, the fact that I have little to say in constructing a poem( unfortunately, I say), allowing myself to get carried away with whatever I feel at a particular moment, which you have spotted very well. On the other hand( your intuition strikes twice, yes it is about life and death and human condition and it was meant to be. What kind of birthday cakes to dead eat?

 =  Backwards, onwards!
Ivan Ana Maria
[23.Mar.11 17:28]
The last two lines represent, for me, the condensed quintessence of your whole poem and the moment when you brutally distance yourself from the first stanza, from childhood.
There is a supressed nostalgia puzzlig its way out of your words, a nostalgia we may all identify in ourselves, crawling out, from time to time, to remember us that we exist, that we existed...
Wonderful experience, Lavinia, thank you!

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