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+ strings attached to everything
ion a
[12.Mar.11 07:57]
really liked it, with a couple of observations
maybe it's just me, but "the universe listens/ and sends down its moons" sounds a little precious, i'd rather not tell you but then again i like it too much for you to miss it :) "just this once/ moons wrapped up in sonatas"

also, "like a last breath" might simply be omitted, at least to me it sounds much better: where the light is thin/ like a string

keep going!

 =  I love guitars
Motoc Lavinia
[12.Mar.11 18:03]
Inspired/ inspirational title I thought. I have to admit I was drawn by it and I discovered with surpise that it was a figure pf speech. I am glad its value has been recognised and appreciated.


 =  :)
Corina Gina Papouis
[13.Mar.11 13:28]
Ion A, you are possibly right there, a bit precious at times..and in my ordinary routine I would have jumped at it and re-write it..but I can't. I like to keep that thought least for now. (this is the link that inspired it, I was looking for Milonga by Aldo Rodriguez which my Daddy used to be very fond of and could play it like a dream! so if you find it please let me know) :)

Lavinia, I am glad you did not miss this one out, there's nothing like missing...

Love to you both,

+ Hommage
John Willy Kopperud
[18.May.11 18:21]
-to your father and his guitar. And where there is emotion there is music, "like a string stretched beyond death." Simply loved it.
Cheers from Willy

 =  indeed Willy
Corina Gina Papouis
[18.May.11 20:36]
My Daddy was a big fan of Big Band, Dixieland jazz music which he used to play with his band but loved classical, too.
It's been hard touching the guitar since...
I am making small steps towards it, I started with this little poem.

Thank you, Willy!:)

 =  Beautiful piece, CP!
dan zafir
[03.Feb.12 11:34]

Thought provoking and very intriguing at the same time.
Couldn't help and had to ask this question re these lines:
"where the ropes end
where the light is thin".

Is there anything attached at the end of the strings?
Did the light get thinned down there by chance,as in running into incidentally opaque filters, or was it dimmed by its sender?
Love the Sense in it... Ty for posting it!

 =  re your Q
Corina Gina Papouis
[03.Feb.12 13:37] where I keep my most hidden treasures and there is a big 'NO entry' sign :) could also be the link between here and the afterlife..and I guess is where heart refuses to understand brain's statement: 'not sufficient data to process'.

clear as mud :p

 =  Q&A
dan zafir
[07.Feb.12 17:21]
Hmmm... this human perspective that you're wearing... does it feel a bit tight, here and there? And how would one admire the beauty within with a big "No entry" sign at the entrance? Ever heard of "True Measure Discipleship"?

On the "strings" that connect Life to the Afterlife, in an absolutely specific and distinct place one can find True Measure. Can you spot it?
Hint: You already have, from a more or less aware vantage point.

As about "not enough data to process", one begs to differ. We all process as per the limits of our computational ability. Limitless be the Data Realm(Potentiality)... whether one talks Happiness, Joy, Love, Money,Energy, etc...

 =  more Qs than As :)
Corina Gina Papouis
[07.Feb.12 21:21]
with your permission I prefer it blurry..I like to think that the more I know the less I believe I intriguing: should i know more to admit to my ignorance or accept the lesser the better?

i guess i already answered that Q..:)

 =  =
dan zafir
[15.Feb.12 16:03]
Terrible judgement occurs out of fear for the Unknown. One shall then "kill" the Unknown... also out of fear. Be in Good Thought!

P.s. You're welcome to place this in the Offtopic, as I know you will. It's been a pleasure, nonetheless!

 =  :)
Corina Gina Papouis
[15.Feb.12 16:54]
Sorry Dan,

I did not reply due to other urgent occurring matters, however, I thank you for your attention to this text. I would like to leave some of the questions raised (if any!) for each reader to answer for him/herself. I believe I have already answered mine, to the best of my ability.



*note: the initial comment was placed by another editor under offtopic. I placed the second. No hard feelings, just trying to keep the nature of the comments pleasant/ constructive/ user-friendly and not too abstract or invasive, that's all.

 =  =
dan zafir
[16.Feb.12 10:01]
*(hat goes off, while DanZ bows respectfully)
Childplay is the best kind of play... :)

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