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 =  silent thief
Ravendark Scar Furiel
[31.Jul.11 04:14]
title stolen from one of Motoc Lavinia's poems because it helped channel some feeling into these lyrics.

I Ravendark Scar Furiel confess my crime and plead guilty as charged.

 =  linkin park more than Lavinia M.
Motoc Lavinia
[04.Aug.11 10:20]
I admit to quite liking it, although better played than read aloud. Pleased to have helped in some way, I might take up the guitar ...

 =  heavier than chester's screams
Ravendark Scar Furiel
[06.Aug.11 01:13]
I guess this will be an off-topic comment. I used to hear the music as I wrote lyrics but that was a long time ago. I call these lines lyrics because one day they will have music along to complete the spell.

as for linkin park... used to listen to them like ten years ago, still like some of their songs; but I don't see the link between lp and my lines.

anyways... if you and your guitar find the missing part of the chant I'd love to see/hear the spell complete.

thanks for the visit.

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