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Veronica Văleanu
[24.Aug.11 16:58]
Congratulations for writing such a powerful text. Its bold and natural approach are very appealing.

when I saw "infrastructure of art" my brain created a sort of alert, by letting the reading go on, but holding the appearance of thoughts suspended, in need of more input. Now I'm trying to provoke you to enlarge this perspective.

and a spontaneous smile: can somebody be infra-realist upon an already infra-realist territory? is is still infrarealism? what are its limits and its peaks? :)

I guesstimate your following responses must be as interesting as the essay!

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ion a
[27.Aug.11 10:13]
sure, we're screwed, but there is no way we'll admit it. art has become an answer in search of a question, in its purest form (which is kind of an endangered species). more common, it follows the path of mass production: a product good enough and cheap enough that most people would be willing and could afford to buy, assuring maximum profit. in other words, a mediocre product. we're no longer talking about "musical art", we're talking about "music industry". of course, when we talk industry, the deciding factor is advertising, the same people who turned sarah palin in a political celebrity turned britney spears and justin bieber in superstars

your essay kind of avoids defining ideology, kind of misses the greater, universal point, by clinging to the local, "transitional" reality

bty what is infra-realism? i googled it and got exactly 1 entry

 =  i was joking of course
ion a
[27.Aug.11 10:16]

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