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 =  Succinct
James A Williams
[14.Jan.12 18:24]
Succinct, in the best possible way of poetry

+ i'd better step on this angel
ion a
[15.Jan.12 04:37]
really liked it, concision kind of transcends the (surgical) precision :) perhaps with one exception: "Meteora" looks really over-explained, i'm biting my tongue not to actually say it, but i don't think it's gonna get through otherwise, i would have said either nothing, or "Metaora"

 =  James and Ion
Luminita Suse
[17.Jan.12 16:39]
This was published without the picture, so the reference to Meteora wasn't superfluous. Thanks.

 =  deep penetrating effect
dan zafir
[03.Feb.12 11:35]
Beautiful combination... makes one dream ... ty LS!

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