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 =  this
Motoc Lavinia
[02.Mar.12 22:02]
you have a way with words. your own way. this.
this poem is almost like moebius's band( it might just be in my head).

 =  lavinia ;)
dan marius
[16.Mar.12 17:40]
hey there. words must have had their way with me.. since all I can deliver is monosyllabizmz. but hey.. that's how we grow. or become minimalists. and listen to house music and die :))

ps: by the way lavinia do you know lavinia?

 =  m
Motoc Lavinia
[18.Mar.12 16:46]
I've been playing it for days on end now,thank you for it. You know, the teen obsession about having not made a song that calls your name.and there it is...

 =  i like
Dora Road
[04.Dec.12 22:01]
the Doctor Whoiness of this one

+ just whispering into your mind:
Veronica Vãleanu
[23.Jan.13 11:37]
I didn't see that coming
with quite a delay, and only due to the fact that I noticed your presence here today
at first I thought it is only an excerpt, a crop from a bigger text, because it seemed not to have a beginning
but then I saw the title
and it all made sense

and (like you said in this text) - we want you back, dead or alive!!

 =  You make
John Willy Kopperud
[23.Jan.13 20:37]
-lunacy seem just right! A fine piece, Marius!
Cheers from Willy

 =  :)
dan marius
[25.Jan.13 15:43]
wow :) thank you both. whispers heard. :)

 =  there were about 4
Veronica Vãleanu
[25.Jan.13 16:04]
both? what about the rest of us?

 =  yep
dan marius
[25.Jan.13 23:30]
oh :) I thought I answered the first comments. the message was meant for you and willy. Good to be back. I just hope I can write something :S

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