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 =  Congrats!
James A Williams
[15.May.12 05:14]
Many congratulations!

It's a worthy collection, from what you have graced us with here on Agonia.

I'll be looking to order a copy at my local bookstore.



 =  Congrats
Kuldeep Kumar Srivastava
[11.Jun.12 09:26]
Wonderful. My congratulations. If you wish you can contact Patricia Prime, the poet and reviewer from New Zealand for review of your book. She is considered an expert on Haiku and Tanka. Her email id is given below:

patricia prime ;


 =  Kuldeep Kumar
Luminita Suse
[11.Jun.12 16:13]
Hi KK. I had to render invisible your comment to protect Pat's email address. I already knew her email and address but thank you kindly.

 =  Your book
James A Williams
[03.Apr.13 03:54]
Luminita, I've been trying hard to order your book, but with no success. The link to contact you on your website seems broken.

Please, I really do want to order it and it is very frustrating that no one seems to be able to find it.


 =  Hi James
Luminita Suse
[03.Apr.13 03:53]
Thank you for your interest in my book. I have a few copies left and will send one to you at no cost. The email address on my website works but you have to type it letter by letter. I am trying to protect my real email address from spam. Here, I've just created a temporary email address: [email protected] It will be available only two weeks from now.

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