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 =  He's never sorry...
Romulus Campan Maramuresanu
[09.Nov.12 23:11]
There's some sort of aggressive tenderness, something soaked into tears of too much crying without being even noticed, and when finally noticed you were handed a tissue, you know you look c*** with handles down your nose...
Looking for sympathy, empathy, it doesn't matter the name just anything resembling of anything else besides this likeness of a fresh, post-apocalyptic loneliness, where even Dr. Lecter seems better to date with, than all denominational gods, each deserving a much larger N├╝rnberg...
I'm afraid your guitar's neck might be too short for all the hands who'd be glad to join.

With respect,

The Reverend rcm

 =  thank you, ' reverend'
Motoc Lavinia
[10.Nov.12 10:52]
You can join in then, if you so wish. Others are welcome, too. I know it won't make a dim difference. But thanks for the kind thought, ' reverend', you made my morning( it's changed colours, look outside the window, from steel grey to more gey).

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