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 =  too sad...
Romulus Campan
[16.Dec.12 21:58]
Hi Corina,

This is very, very sad...
Too sad...

What is it, Corina?


 =  to Gunsel..
Corina Gina Papouis
[16.Dec.12 22:40]
it's a dedication, a selfish, selfish dedication..I'm gonna miss her and she has to know it.

She knows it! :p

 =  selfish indeed:-)
Romulus Campan
[16.Dec.12 22:50]
Right, ok, that's better, you scared the hell out of me...
It IS VERY VERY selfish, and even a bit creepy as my daughter Lidia would say, but very intense nevertheless... If you wanted to give someone a heart attack today, congrats, you've succeeded:-))
Btw. where is she going so far away:-))

Good to read you again...


 =  next door/ over the mountains...
Corina Gina Papouis
[16.Dec.12 22:59]
..I would like to apologise to you for the shock-wave created [I was not aware that poetry may kill :P]. Gunsel is pursuing new endeavours workwise (hope she does not mind me saying so)- which means she will be leaving this office for another. Now, in terms of selfishness I leave it to my readers to judge: is my response(in writing), in balance, more selfish than her action (of leaving)? Is it? Is it not? Ah, traumas, traumas and the intensity that lays between them.

RC, maybe you can tell her to stay. Tell her to stay!


 =  Pleeeeeaaaaase staaaaaaay!!!!!!!
Romulus Campan
[16.Dec.12 23:36]
By all means Corina, you are above any reproach, and perfectly right, and less selfish!
And this is exactly the same thing I'll tell Gunsel if she'd ever ask me to compare her selfishness with yours!
Oh, I feel like the embodiment of Justice's balance...
And modesty...

If anyone would know how lonesome perfection is...

It is truly soooooo good to "see" you again!


[18.Dec.12 01:18]
Dear Corina since the day I started working with you, you have managed to place me in your body climate and without spilling, without dropping you read me!Every time you are looking into the children's eyes and every time when you are smelling the scent of lavender my presence will be standing next to you.

Don't you worry my FRIEND as I am leaving the clinic building this Friday I will be dragging my that you can follow I into the NEW HORIZONs.


one little goddess inoculated to olive
without spilling, without dropping, read me
don’t you worry, if not earth, I will bury myself in water
possibly you don’t need to hold my hands
look at the flowers and
into the children’s eyes
and love me.

Günsel Djemal

[18.Dec.12 01:21]
Dearest Corina

believe me you I am still crying my eyes out..! Selfishly because of SELFISH you!

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