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 =  off tangent and other circle theorems
Motoc Lavinia
[27.Jan.13 22:37]
I don't know, I might be totally off tangent here, it's just as if god becomes an obsession , even through his absence( it's absence?), it doesn't even matter, does it? At last, ' we meet'.

 =  yes well
dan marius
[28.Jan.13 00:55]
most of the times I have absolutely no idea what I'm writing about :S
But here it was just fun to break the rhythm and meaning of the poem by ending the first "sentence" so abruptly.

I might be off tangent too but I guess sometimes the idea of God finding God can get stuck in one's head. Then, obviously, medical treatment can help :))

For instance : God created everything. What created God?

 =  forogt
dan marius
[28.Jan.13 00:57]
Forgot the conclusion. If god created everything. Then God created itself.
Hence my need to write idiotic poems :S

 =  traffic circle
ion a
[28.Jan.13 08:14]
if god(big-bang, light, word) created everything, then god(big-bang, light, word) created itself

if man is his true image, man created himself too :)

glorified solipsism or just betrayed hope? it's up to some other entity, yet to come along and start asking questions, about us :)

 =  na, na, na, na, na, na, na...
Romulus Campan
[30.Jan.13 12:34]
"what if god was one of us..."

Hi Dan, good reading you...


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