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 =  I strongly recommend you to
Veronica Vãleanu
[05.Apr.13 13:09]
Welcome, Carmen!

I strongly agree with the idea that a little bit of science makes the perfect ingredient for poetry. Attention, it should be only an ingredient, or a coagulant. My advice would be not to mould everything in it. Also, given the simplified shape of the scientific ideas that should constitute the tissued here and there, you should also pay attention not to switch the entire map of the texture towards simplified symbols, or key-words: you risk making them sound like cliches. Also, do not restrict everything to just an idea of smth, put a little bit of flesh, such as action, aliveness. It will be thus very interesting where these tips would lead you, in the future.
Take every idea you have like a rough diamond.

 =  black is not
El Grande Gringo
[28.Mar.14 15:36]
darkness does not exist. black is a figment of our limitations.

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