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+ t'was war
Dely Cristian Marian
[26.Jan.14 22:32]
Hi Corina
I like the way you make your lirycs soften a thousand fights
" mon chouchou" is meaningful and adorable here
because here lives a customized language
a mother of learning by itself
and as a student I say it is good writing

Warm regards!

 =  Marian
Corina Gina Papouis
[27.Jan.14 21:58]
Your words are stroking the very poetic side of my ego (if there is such a thing! :p) I guess when we talk about loss is important to lay the sword to sleep although grief is a process and we deny it with such vengeance...and if I was able to buffer those feelings with the softer side of my lyrics all I can say is Thank you for a lovely feedback.
The friend I have dedicated this poem to is now resting in peace.


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