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 =  Your's and mine
Joshua Vasquez Butawan
[29.Jan.06 12:37]
our panoramas integrated, just typical, just a natural force between distinct things.....

 =  odd attraction
Edilberto González Trejos
[30.Jan.06 04:11]
Thanks Joshua.
I see opposites and contraries in an odd attraction and interaction.
You quite got the point, pal!

 =  very nice
Dana Muºat
[03.Feb.06 22:12]
I had read your poem in spanish too. I'm not very good at that language, but i can understand it. It sounds much better in spanish! That's what i think

I found in your poem an interaction between life forces. i don't know why i felt that. maybe because of the sky and then the forces. The bird..the true symbol of force ans sensibility.

And the "actual skies" drieves my mind into a crazy thinking...i don't know..i feel like the more "skies" you have, the better your heart will be standing face to face with those empty things, like hate, shame...

Maybe i'm just telling some stupid things here..but the only thing that matters is that i liked your poem so much.

 =  interaction
Edilberto González Trejos
[05.Feb.06 01:55]
Dear DANA,
Yes it`s true. There is an exquisite beautiness in the Spanish version. I just made a French translation which somehow captures that esthetics.
You are rightm the interaction is there and you are not crazy. I appreciate your comments.


 =  Met
John Willy Kopperud
[13.Aug.06 17:45]

It's short and it's rich and there's beauty within...
One thought strikes me now and then; if you can do all that with just a few words, there's not much more to aim for...
Allow me to quote Lennon/McCartney: - And your bird can sing

PS: Thanks very much for your response to "The importance of Laughter"


 =  the bird does sing
Edilberto González Trejos
[20.Apr.07 05:46]
Thank you Willy,
So sorry for this LATE reply!
Yeah, you saw it clearly, the bird can sing and it does indeed.
Short but thick!

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