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Ecaterina Bargan
[07.Aug.08 21:41]
this are the best words>

/there is nothing i want more than

to feel the rush of execution and

decisions that you make for us.../

i like the way you are reading, i can see the diference now.

with fear not,


 =  star
Daniela Voicu
[07.Aug.08 21:41]
,,so fear not be selfish in your ways

for i am committed to our cause i

will not fail on the promises that

were made to you ..."
I like this part of poem ...very nice exprimetion.

 =  wonderful
Mike Aspros
[07.Aug.08 19:31]
for me this speaks of true love for another person, and having faith in them. If most spouse followed this in their marriages, we wouldn't have so many divorces. I like the rhythm, the simple words, especially 'falter'. Its been a pleasure to read your peom. best,

 =  good one
Lynn West
[08.Aug.08 00:36]
a job well done my friend

 =  thank you ...
Christopher Thripp
[08.Aug.08 02:04]
thank you everyone who commented much appreciated this is one of two poems i wrote..the other i will post soon ...
thank you ...

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