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Marius Surleac
[29.Dec.08 19:26]
"thoughtful" instead of "thoughful"

 =  Caribbean connection
Edilberto González Trejos
[29.Dec.08 20:52]
I perceive Caribbean roots here!
Being from NY and as a Spoken Word Artist, I guess you are familiar to Algarin and Peñon`s work---
Cheers from Panama

 =  lepadah
Lydia Percy
[07.Jan.09 19:54]
No doubt, I became familiar with Miquel Algarin years in the early 80"s when I frequent the Nuyorican Poets Cafe on the regular. I still go but my main place spots are St.Marks & Carlito's. I still go when I'm checking out Rome Neal. So kind of you to comment. I have a piece I wrote about Algarin.

Peace 1

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